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Competition Rules

  1. All models that are being entered in the competition should be entered between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm Saturday and remain on display Sunday until award ceremony has ended, around 3.30 pm. A $3.00 fee per model applies for up to 10 models (Max $30). All subsequent models are free.
  2. There is no limit to the number of models that competitor can enter. Models entered in previous NSW Scale Model Competitions are not eligible for entry.unless they form part of a new diorama/vignette or new category that allows for the submission of older models.
  3. Modellers are also welcome to display their work free of charge on the display tables if they choose not to enter the competition.
  4. The organising committee reserves the right to refuse to display any model or visual material considered inappropriate for public display. This may include adult themes, politically sensitive, or acts of cruelty etc
  5. All entries must be owned and be the work of the competitor and competitors (if joint entry).
  6. Models entered do not require instructions or reference material.
  7. Cross entry of models in different categories is not permitted.
  8. MILITARY is defined as; the armed forces and auxiliary formations of any country or period.
  9. ‘OPEN’ category will include any model not covered by the other categories.
  10. ‘SCRATCHBUILT’ will include all models that are predominately made of raw materials; some kit parts can be used.
  11. If a model is mounted on a base with or without groundwork, the model only is to be judged.
  12. A Vignette is a scene composed of 3 figures or less and one (1) vehicle. A diorama is 4 figures or more and one or more vehicles. A Vignette or a Diorama should be composed on a base (implying a scene) which would be judged as part of the entry
  13. The organising committee will provide a judging panel of experienced modellers from the IPMA. No persons will eligible to judge or influence judging of a category in which they have entered.
  14. The judging panel’s decision will be final.
  15. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken to protect all models on show, these are displayed at the owners risk and no responsibility will be taken by the organisers. The owners of any models entered in the competition or displayed, give permission for models to be moved by IPMA members if required.